Update Notes - Version 1.1.0

A special thank you to everyone who has picked up Crime Reaper and left comments over the last two months! I'm so humbled that there are so many of you that seem so excited and have enjoyed playing it! I've taken some time to add some highly requested features and fixed issues that have been reported. Again, thank you so much for playing!

New Features

  • Added toggle for turning on/off playboard highlights to allow the game to be more difficult for proficient players
  • Added Restart button that can be used while paused during a puzzle

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug where tokens could become frozen on the board when trying to select another token


Crime Reaper (Windows 64-bit) 26 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 28, 2021
Crime Reaper (Windows 32-bit) 22 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 28, 2021

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Great update to a great game. Love it.