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This game is cancelled, meaning that development has stopped indefinitely. If you purchased a preorder, you should receive a refund for the purchase. If you have waited and not received a refund, please feel free to email potatointeractive@gmail.com and I will work with itch.io on the issue.

In the valleys of the cold mountains separating two arctic towns, legends warn that voices will cry out at night, revealing your deepest held secrets. It’s here we find Ellis — on his way to mourn the death of a childhood friend, stranded at a once familiar community who are hostile to his trans identity, with a valley between him and his destination. He was alone, and it was night.

When the Stones Spoke is a short, turned-based role-playing game that explores the challenges of returning to a childhood home that no longer accepts you, reconciling your past with the person you are now, and what you remember about events and places being altered by time and wisdom.

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Looking forward to it :)


Thanks! I'm excited how quickly this game is coming together, and can't wait to have everyone play it :D